Because having regular reliable income is the greatest asset of all

Box Commercial’s primary purpose

Welcome to Box Commercial Estate Agents.

We help create & sell investments, beginning the process with the matching of end-users with vacant or underdeveloped real estate.

We undertake this by offering vacant sites for sale and lease and offering an index, of end users, wanting sites. We invite you to view our listings here.

And, contained within, is our history of initiating & selling investments in storage, large format retail, healthcare, & restaurants.

BOX EOI Leasing campaigns

Build holding income for your vacant real estate


Vacant land & hardstand

Demand for storage keeps increasing. We are always looking for new sites for our customers who require outdoor storage for bulky things such as shipping containers, equipment, machinery, anything that can be stored outside.  In other words, we can help you create a valuable storage investment.

Sites on main roads & highways 

Is it the world’s most valuable real estate?

Whether they are or not, properties with main road frontage, have the most utility.

The choice of the highest-paying end users is almost infinite for main road sites, with showrooms, restaurants, storage, healthcare, hotels, demanding prominent sites first.

See our case study here for a leasing campaign in  Morayfield Qld here

How to sell on your terms

Initiate a fractional or syndicated investment

Selling to a group of wholesale-investors enables selling terms with total flexibility and potentially tax minimizing. Not only will you receive a selling price established from the combined financial power of numerous investors within a buying group, but, you can also have the flexibility of staying in the investment until a later date to potentially share future profits. Anyway, the opportunities are endless with this method of sale and exceed what is offered in a traditional selling process. Please view our history of fractional & syndicated co-investments here

Developing Investments

Ideas for initiating regular, reliable & recurring income

Initiate new investments for our changing world

Electrification, ageing population and space for carbon offset are creating demand for outdoor open space for storage and with it opportunity for creation of new investments.

See Tony Seba’s future prediction here

What extra’s can sellers expect
from our investor buying groups?

See our case studies here