About Us & about what we do.

Our business’s mission is quite straightforward. It’s all about income. We all need it, and as estate agents, we simply help our clients create income using their real estate. Simultaneously, the business’s we introduce to our clients, establish operations to generate income for their staff and partners.

About our EOI leasing campaigns.

Each time we list properties for lease we commence an expression of interest (EOI)  leasing campaign. Our campaigns operate just like any market place, where we advertise and receive sometimes up to 100 enquiries from our extensive database of businesses seeking sites. The businesses we mostly deal with can be operators of outdoor or self-storage,  large format retailers, healthcare or fast food depending upon the site. At the expiration of each campaign which normally runs for about 4 weeks, we review each of the applications and immediately commence negotiations.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you build holding income for your vacant real estate please contact us here

*above some of my favorite project’s & with each great storys. I iniatated a new retail auto-centre investment in Morayfield, sold self storage facilies in Rockhampton & Hervey Bay Qld

A little about me

Rob has loved doing deals since he was 12 years old and sold his go-kart to Peter Davis for ten bucks and a Superman comic. He’s been a licensed real estate agent for more than twenty years and he’s sold and leased development sites, shopping centres, self-storage complexes, large format retail stores and convenience centres all over Australia. He’s worked for companies like Jones Lang LaSalle, DTZ International, and Spotlight Stores but these days, he works for Box Commercial as director & principle.

Robert Stanley-Turner

Director & Principle

Selling a property now can be challenging decision particularly if there are excellent prospect of future profits down the track.

There may be future rental uplifts or external factors such as pivotal infrastructure underway which will greatly enhance the utility of the property which may release additional value in your property.

Perhaps you may be an owner occupier needing release of some additional capital currently retained in the properties ownership which you would like to re-invest into other area.

Whatever it is, a solution could be the introduction of a buyer (a property syndication group) who can purchase your property outright in the normal way, or if you prefer, structure a purchase which gives you immediate release of equity and still leaves you a financial interest in your property.

And if you choose, further capital release can occur during the term of the syndicate. And best of all, In the meantime, your financial interest will entitle you to any rents and future profits along the way.

This can be an ideal structure for properties where future profits are yet to be realised but simultaneously you are wanting a reliable exit strategy.

Please see our lists of syndicated property case studies here.

The profiliferation of the self-storage industry has demonstrated the ongoing needs we have with storage.

Outdoor storage offers investors an emerging opportunity and we are keen to promote developers and investors into supplying storage space for our customers who are wanting storage. To see some of the requirements we have for storage and others at this time please click here

In these uncertain times where you feel compelled to invest, but faced with the difficulty of deciding where to invest with confidence, diversification in your investment portfolio is a compelling proposition, ie spreading your risk. Co-investment offers investors choice in where you invest in terms of region, the type of investment in terms of category of real estate, office, retail, storage etc . See our case studies of co-investments to date here.

BoxCom has been assembling investors for small real estate investment trusts for around a decade now. Our investors are wanting income reliability capital security and diversification. They invest between $100,000 and $1,000,000 and will invest for up to 7 years. The most fortunate part of our investor referrals is that once our investors become comfortable with our fund management clients they invest greater amounts and more frequently. Please see our list of projects here.

Expiring Trusts

Off market sales of properties of expiring trusts is easy when offered to other fund managers. We can ensure we maximise the selling price of your property with our 30 day off-market EOI campaign to fund managers and syndicate managers here and internationally and best of all it will occur completed off-market.



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Best returns possible

I have used Robert’s real estate services for well over 20 years now. Over that time, he has developed a thorough knowledge of our property portfolio & the dynamics involved with obtaining the best return possible from it. Looking forward to another 20 years Rob! Richard – General Manager Property, Spotlight Group

Thorough and hardworking

I have found Robert to be one of the most thorough and hardworking people I have sold properties with. His ability to think outside the box is impressive. He has never let me down! Nick Gandolfo – Owner, Trucare Drycleaners