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Vacant land for sale or lease 

Land or open space, particularly on main roads and highways, gives investors and owners many options to lease or sell.  We invite you to investigate the latest wanted requirements from end users here

Why is Outdoor storage a compelling investment?

The land that a property investment holds, will determine it’s ultimate performance. The land increases and the building reduces in value or in other words, depreciates.

If we were to seeking to create the ultimate investment and the above was true, surely having a block of land with no improvements, with a tenant paying you a regular reliable income, would be the surest way to obtain investment performance.? And investment in outdoor storage, may just deliver this.

With a limited number of buildings to depreciate or maintain, outdoor storage offers a compelling opportunity for land holders wanting holding-income for their undeveloped land. Outdoor storage is used usually by corporate uses to store anything including shipping containers, equipment, motorvehicles or bulky items. All that is required is a sealed surface, either in concreate, ashphalt or limestone and sometimes just raw land itself. It also helps to have a small on-site office as well.

In addition to that, tenants wanting outdoor storage, will often commit to long term leases at impressive rentals of $30 per sqm per annum or more. That’s about $30,000 + per annum for each hectare of land. However, in order to extract the profits available from your site, with outdoor storage,  you will want to be able offer all or at least some of the features below.

 How to build the ultimate property  investment.

Ultimately, the rental return you receive for your outdoor storage site will be reliant on what can be stored. And what can be stored will be dependant upon what your site can offer storage users.

Detailed below are some of the features which storage-operator-tenants are looking for. Many of these features, are driven by your tenant’s insurers. Insurers, understandably need to know that the product or equipment needs to be safe. So, let’s start from the best the site can be. Here, below is a profile on  site what will help to give you maximum return.

What accessibility does your site need to qualify to being suited to outdoor storage?

Ultimately it will be trucks delivering the goods to be stored. Easy access to your site, is key to your sites marketability with driveways able to facilitate ingress and egress for up to 25m wide for B double trucks or car carriers with road trains go up to around 53m approx. While, trucks themselves have a maximum width of only 2.5 meters restrictions it’s the turning swing that can affect your sites marketability and sometimes swing clearance can be outside the land-owners control with on-street parking prohibiting or council or main road’s infrastructure impeding access.So, what can be stored on your site will be reliant upon, access. For full flexibility, Ideally the width of the driveway will be 7meters or above. Also crucial will be the way the roads are used on the lead up to the site, if there are cars parking up to & around the entrances will restrict heavy and wide loads into the store.

Security, will be a factor as well, not to mention affecting the storers insurance. The storage of bulk items whether it be machines or equipment can be worth millions, not to mention the loss if one was to go missing.

Insurance companies will require your tenant to have a small managers office and fencing. Onsite office and fencing are pretty much mandatory sites to qualify for items needing to be insured. The fence to be built will be at the very least be a deterrent. There are many fencing products available in this area such as anti-climb mesh is ideal, making climbing almost impossible by eliminating hand and footholds with vertical pales. Simultaneously fencing could also have installed security cameras and sensor cables for motion detection. Then in addition to this there are added options of razor wire or spiked toppings. And if that isn’t enough, fences can also have an anti-dig plinth at the base of fencing which can potentially withstand continuous intrusion. Or at the very least until security arrives!


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